Sunday, April 6, 2008

Practice at NorCal Hobbies

A few of us made it out to NorCal Hobbies Sunday to check out their tracks and to get some practice driving in. Overall it was a great time out, and the tracks are pretty sweet as well. The off-road track is a lot of fun, but the conditions were a little rough as it hadn't been watered down in awhile (pretty loose and dusty). Can't complain too much, though. A lot of the "traction issues" were most likely some of our driving skills (or lack thereof) and tires which weren't meant for those conditions.

There was a good assortment of novice and experienced drivers/cars out there and everyone was pretty friendly. And some guy even had TWO RC10 Championship Editions!!! I hadn't seen any of those at a track since I was a kid! That alone was worth the trip. :)

Click here to check out more pics of today's practice at NorCal.


michelangelo said...

awesome day guys, cant wait to do it again! i hope they water things down a bit next time... and i hope i drive better ;)

DigitalFlyer said...

Looks like you had fun. I'm booked for the next couple weekends, but I hope to make it out again son.

DigitalFlyer said...

Hey Starbucks did you get a chance to try out your new Durga? I just got my burshless and will put it in my TC3. Thinking of revitalizing my RC10 team car for the off road track.