Tuesday, April 1, 2008

2008 Cactus Classic

For those of us itching to hit the dirt but have to wait until the weekend, these videos from the 2008 Cactus Classic (Held at Scottsdale RC Speedway, AZ) may keep you happy until then ;) It's awesome to watch world-champion drivers battling it out! I've deciphered the results from the source thread so let me know if I've made any mistakes. Enjoy!

- Michelangelo

Mod 2WD

Mod 2WD A1

Mod 2WD A2

Mod 2WD A3

  1. Jared Tebo (B4)
  2. Jesse Robbers (B4)
  3. Masami Hirosaka (B4)
  4. Ryan Cavalieri (B4)
  5. Matt Chambers (Losi XXX CR)
  6. Hayato Matsuzaki (B4)
  7. Mike Truhe (Losi XXX CR)
  8. Neil Cragg (B4)
  9. Mark Pavidas (Kyosho RB5)
  10. Ryan Maifield (B4)

Mod Truck

Mod Truck A1

Mod Truck A2

Mod Truck A3

  1. Ryan Cavalieri (T4)
  2. Ryan Maifield (T4)
  3. Mike Truhe (Losi XXXT-CR)
  4. Masami Hirosaka (T4)
  5. Billy Fischer (T4)
  6. Steve Hartson (T4)
  7. Jesse Robbers (T4)
  8. Chad Due (T4)
  9. Brian Kinwald (X Factory X60)
  10. Matt Chambers (Losi XXXT-CR)

Mod 4WD

Mod 4WD A1

Mod 4WD A2

Mod 4WD A3

  1. Jared Tebo (B44)
  2. Ryan Cavalieri (B44)
  3. Masami Hirosaka (Yokomo)
  4. Lee Martin (B44)
  5. Travis Amezcua (Hot Bodies D4)
  6. Hayato Matsuzaki (Hot Bodies D4)
  7. Mark Pavidas (Kyosho ZX-5 SP)
  8. Ronnie Gardner (Kyosho ZX-5 SP)
  9. Mike Truhe (Losi XXX-4)
  10. Ryan Maifield (B44)

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B-Dog said...

Watching these races definitely get's the blood flowin'! I love it!