Monday, April 28, 2008

Reminder: First Spec Class Practice - Wed, April 30: 6:30PM

Hello All,

Don't forget to mark your calendars for our first Spec Racing Class practice this Wednesday evening. We will start setup between 6:30-7:00PM. For those who don't have an RC18, or who are still undecided on if you want to participate, we highly encourage you to come down and check it out. Everyone is extremely friendly and I'm sure a few of us would be willing to let you practice a bit with our vehicles to see if it's something you might want to try! This class is all about fun, and there is no pressure at all! For more information about the Spec Class, click here.

Hope to see you there!


FYI: There is a Wendy's within walking distance, and plenty of other options within a very short drive of our location at Mother's Raceway (right off 101 in South San Francisco).

From the Lab: IT's ALIVE.....IT'S ALIVE!!!!

What do you get when you take a Tamiya Durga, add a Castle Creations Sidewinder brushless setup, and throw in some custom electronics to handle the 14 Volts delivered by the custom A123 battery pack?? 1+ Horse Power that literally smokes the tires when you hit the throttle, AT ANY SPEED!!!

"Dr." Shtarbucks has emerged from the lab with his latest creation, and it's quite a beast....This cas leaves burnouts like a dragster (and he has already had to superglue the tires back on to the rims because the raw power of his system ripped all four clean off). The video DOES NOT do this thing justice, but believe me, this buggy is a sight to see! There was no way he could give it full throttle in the area he was running it - not to mention the tires could not hook up with the pavement.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Spec Class Practice - Wed, April 30: 6:30PM

Hey All,

It looks like we will try to hold our first Night Meet with a Spec Class practice next Wenesday evening (4/30 ) beginning at around 6:30 PM at Mother's Raceway in South City. For more information, check out the forums.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Night Meets / Racing

To try and be as accommodating as possible for all our members, we are currently discussing the possibility of scheduling night meets/racing at Mother's Raceway (say 6-9PM-ish..?) .

There are some fast food joints within walking distance and we could even BBQ if there is interest. Also, we do have lighting if we need it.:mrgreen:

To join in on the conversation and cast your vote for which night(s) work for you, check the boards.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Marin R/C Electric On Road Racing Report

Well it was a beautiful day and there was some great racing at Marin R/C in San Rafael, CA this last weekend. Being my first on-road electric Club Race I was eager to get onto the driver's stand and off the fence. It was a good field of about 40 entrants and there were 9 total classes. This included 1/10th Sedan, 1/10th Pan Cars, 1/12th Pan Cars, Mini's, and F103GTs in various motor and skill classes. It's an amazing setting right on the water and the facility is top notch with a full hobby shop on the property that has supplies for R/C vehicles, planes, and helicopters amongst other things and the staff there is quite accomodating.

Being the "new guy" was a little intimidating but I was quickly greeted by helpful racers and there were many laughs to be had on the driver's stand during the 1/18th scale and Mini races. The Expert A Main for 13.5 and 10.5 1/10th Touring Cars was extremely tight racing and exciting to spectate. Racers were in a train for several laps and the passes were amazing. The traction was great and on race day it was about 80 degrees with a nice breeze off the water.

I highly encourage folks to check out Marin R/C in San Rafael and they host Club Races every other weekend typically. It's a class act there and the setting is stellar! Hopefully next time I'm out there I will have some results to brag about...but until then it's been a lot of fun learning the ins and outs of racing on-road.


News: Spec Racing Class for BAPRC Club..?

There has been some recent club talk regarding the creation of a Spec Class for club racing. For those not familiar with Spec Class racing, it's basically a special classification of cars and equipment created to keep things fun, exciting, and cheap.

Hop-ups are not allowed (unless approved by everyone) so it keeps the playing field even and the cost down for all members who participate. You can let us know what you think and find more information about it here.

Possible Meet Up at Mother's Raceway this weekend...

There is discussion about a possible Meet at Mother's Raceway this coming weekend. For the latest information on meet-ups and to suggest a time, check the boards.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Wheelie Small!

saw one of these last weekend at NorCal, this video was the first time i had even heard of scale motorcycle racing! great video and coverage of the racers.

Wheelie Small // Current

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Official Meet Ups

Hey All,

We are going to try to plan these a little more in advance to make sure everyone has a say on when/where they happen. If you have suggestions on a date/time that works for you, please let the group know in the Club Meets section of the forums.

Also, as an FYI: A few members will be headed up to Marin R/C in San Rafael this weekend.

- B-Dog

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Grand Theft.....Auto?

In the news:

As we all know, the passion we share for RC cars can sometimes be hard to explain to those outside of the enthusiast community. Imagine having to explain that passion to the cops when they arrest you for Felony Grand Theft (RC) Auto!!

That's exactly what this guy will have to do if the Cops ever get their hands on him! Apparently, he was willing to go way beyond normal boundaries to get himself the "car of his dreams" valued at more than $600 (which makes his crime a Felony).

Sunday, April 6, 2008

RC drifting subculture in SF....

I came across this video not that long ago and just remembered to share it ;) It's amazing what different subcultures are out there. This is happening right here in SF! The video presents some nice coverage of the scene, but also the people pushing it - a little glimpse into the lifestyle of RC...

enjoy -- michelangelo

Practice at NorCal Hobbies

A few of us made it out to NorCal Hobbies Sunday to check out their tracks and to get some practice driving in. Overall it was a great time out, and the tracks are pretty sweet as well. The off-road track is a lot of fun, but the conditions were a little rough as it hadn't been watered down in awhile (pretty loose and dusty). Can't complain too much, though. A lot of the "traction issues" were most likely some of our driving skills (or lack thereof) and tires which weren't meant for those conditions.

There was a good assortment of novice and experienced drivers/cars out there and everyone was pretty friendly. And some guy even had TWO RC10 Championship Editions!!! I hadn't seen any of those at a track since I was a kid! That alone was worth the trip. :)

Click here to check out more pics of today's practice at NorCal.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Check out this totally wicked Drifter!

Unofficial Meet Up at NorCal Hobbies this Sunday - 4/6

Hey Everyone,

Looks like we have a few members interested in meeting up at NorCal this Sunday(4/6) for some practice driving at their track in Union City. If we coordinate and people are interested, we could carpool or caravan there together. Time is still TBD. Check the boards for the latest information....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

2008 Cactus Classic

For those of us itching to hit the dirt but have to wait until the weekend, these videos from the 2008 Cactus Classic (Held at Scottsdale RC Speedway, AZ) may keep you happy until then ;) It's awesome to watch world-champion drivers battling it out! I've deciphered the results from the source thread so let me know if I've made any mistakes. Enjoy!

- Michelangelo

Mod 2WD

Mod 2WD A1

Mod 2WD A2

Mod 2WD A3

  1. Jared Tebo (B4)
  2. Jesse Robbers (B4)
  3. Masami Hirosaka (B4)
  4. Ryan Cavalieri (B4)
  5. Matt Chambers (Losi XXX CR)
  6. Hayato Matsuzaki (B4)
  7. Mike Truhe (Losi XXX CR)
  8. Neil Cragg (B4)
  9. Mark Pavidas (Kyosho RB5)
  10. Ryan Maifield (B4)

Mod Truck

Mod Truck A1

Mod Truck A2

Mod Truck A3

  1. Ryan Cavalieri (T4)
  2. Ryan Maifield (T4)
  3. Mike Truhe (Losi XXXT-CR)
  4. Masami Hirosaka (T4)
  5. Billy Fischer (T4)
  6. Steve Hartson (T4)
  7. Jesse Robbers (T4)
  8. Chad Due (T4)
  9. Brian Kinwald (X Factory X60)
  10. Matt Chambers (Losi XXXT-CR)

Mod 4WD

Mod 4WD A1

Mod 4WD A2

Mod 4WD A3

  1. Jared Tebo (B44)
  2. Ryan Cavalieri (B44)
  3. Masami Hirosaka (Yokomo)
  4. Lee Martin (B44)
  5. Travis Amezcua (Hot Bodies D4)
  6. Hayato Matsuzaki (Hot Bodies D4)
  7. Mark Pavidas (Kyosho ZX-5 SP)
  8. Ronnie Gardner (Kyosho ZX-5 SP)
  9. Mike Truhe (Losi XXX-4)
  10. Ryan Maifield (B44)

New Product Preview: LRP S18 Touring Car

Here is a sneak peek at a new 1/18 scale touring car from LRP:

Details released so far are:

  • 1/18 scale touring car
  • RTR kit including: LRP A.I. Micro Reverse speedo (waterproof), LRP Phaser Sport receiver 27MHz AM, micro battery stickpack, 220V charger, LRP A2-STX Sport transmitter incl. charge socket, full-size steering servo, 380 size Micro motor - 32.000 rpm
  • Aluminium motor mount, adjustable for various pinion sizes
  • Super efficient 4WD all-wheel drive with aluminium drive shaft
  • 4-spider differential front and rear
  • Fully equipped with low-friction ball bearings (15 pieces)
  • 20-tooth steel pinion, 45-tooth spur gear
  • Sealed gearbox
  • Universal joints at front and rear
  • Extra low center of gravity for optimal handling
  • Fully adjustable pivot ball front suspension
  • Double wishbone suspension front and rear
  • Blue anodized oil filled thread shocks
  • Blue anodized aluminium tuning shock towers front and rear with various mounting points
  • 2 mounting points at the suspension arm
  • Adjustable camber front and rear
  • Front caster adjustment
  • Aluminium suspension arms
  • Front bumper
  • Fully adjustable ride height
  • Extra stiff chassis in tub design
  • Black aluminium upper chassis strut at front with swaybar holder
  • Standard hex. wheel mount (compatible with Xray)
  • Glued High Grip Slick Tyres
  • Racing Dish rims
  • Decaled and pre-cut painted racing touring car bodyshell in airbrush design with chrome-metallic effect
  • 2 different High Downforce rear wings
  • Fully adjustable body posts
  • Completely built model as RTR and Non RTR version
This car is available as a kit or as a RTR. The RTR package includes the LRP A.I. Micro Reverse waterproof speedo, LRP Phaser Sport 27MHz AM receiver, LRP A2-STX Sport transmitter incl. charge socket, full-size steering servo and high performance 380 size Micro motor, micro battery stick pack, and 220V charger.

For more information, check out LRP's
official site.

RC Madness 2008 Indoor Off-road 1/18th Nationals Results

The results are in for the 2008 1/18th Off-road Nationals!! The event looked to be a big success, and I can only look on with envy at the fun that took place at RC Madness in Connecticut.

For details on the results, check out

Open Truck A main Video:

Open Buggy A main