Monday, April 28, 2008

From the Lab: IT's ALIVE.....IT'S ALIVE!!!!

What do you get when you take a Tamiya Durga, add a Castle Creations Sidewinder brushless setup, and throw in some custom electronics to handle the 14 Volts delivered by the custom A123 battery pack?? 1+ Horse Power that literally smokes the tires when you hit the throttle, AT ANY SPEED!!!

"Dr." Shtarbucks has emerged from the lab with his latest creation, and it's quite a beast....This cas leaves burnouts like a dragster (and he has already had to superglue the tires back on to the rims because the raw power of his system ripped all four clean off). The video DOES NOT do this thing justice, but believe me, this buggy is a sight to see! There was no way he could give it full throttle in the area he was running it - not to mention the tires could not hook up with the pavement.

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