Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Product Preview: LRP S18 Touring Car

Here is a sneak peek at a new 1/18 scale touring car from LRP:

Details released so far are:

  • 1/18 scale touring car
  • RTR kit including: LRP A.I. Micro Reverse speedo (waterproof), LRP Phaser Sport receiver 27MHz AM, micro battery stickpack, 220V charger, LRP A2-STX Sport transmitter incl. charge socket, full-size steering servo, 380 size Micro motor - 32.000 rpm
  • Aluminium motor mount, adjustable for various pinion sizes
  • Super efficient 4WD all-wheel drive with aluminium drive shaft
  • 4-spider differential front and rear
  • Fully equipped with low-friction ball bearings (15 pieces)
  • 20-tooth steel pinion, 45-tooth spur gear
  • Sealed gearbox
  • Universal joints at front and rear
  • Extra low center of gravity for optimal handling
  • Fully adjustable pivot ball front suspension
  • Double wishbone suspension front and rear
  • Blue anodized oil filled thread shocks
  • Blue anodized aluminium tuning shock towers front and rear with various mounting points
  • 2 mounting points at the suspension arm
  • Adjustable camber front and rear
  • Front caster adjustment
  • Aluminium suspension arms
  • Front bumper
  • Fully adjustable ride height
  • Extra stiff chassis in tub design
  • Black aluminium upper chassis strut at front with swaybar holder
  • Standard hex. wheel mount (compatible with Xray)
  • Glued High Grip Slick Tyres
  • Racing Dish rims
  • Decaled and pre-cut painted racing touring car bodyshell in airbrush design with chrome-metallic effect
  • 2 different High Downforce rear wings
  • Fully adjustable body posts
  • Completely built model as RTR and Non RTR version
This car is available as a kit or as a RTR. The RTR package includes the LRP A.I. Micro Reverse waterproof speedo, LRP Phaser Sport 27MHz AM receiver, LRP A2-STX Sport transmitter incl. charge socket, full-size steering servo and high performance 380 size Micro motor, micro battery stick pack, and 220V charger.

For more information, check out LRP's
official site.

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Catalyst said...

Pretty impressive...gives me some thoughts on modifying the RC18R for sure. The class they run around for 18th scale onroad is pretty loose right now and this would be an interesting addition.