Saturday, February 28, 2009

BAPRCC Celebrates 1 Year

The BAPRC Club officially celebrates it's first anniversary this month! On behalf of all our Members, blog readers, partners and contributors, a big BIG congratulations and thank you to all!! BAPRCC would be nothing without you all!

We have become the #1 club for Radio Control car enthusiasts in the Bay Area, and continue to grow. If you haven't joined the club yet, what are you waiting for?? We look forward to more club meetings and outings over the next year, and look to YOU for continued support and involvement. Be sure to hop on our message boards to have your voice heard and become a more active member of the family!

Happy Birthday, Bay Area Peninsula RC Club!!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

MIP releases new ball diff for 272's

New from MIP:

With today’s high demand brushed and brushless power systems MIP,LLC now introduces our new MIP Ball Diff Kit for all Traxxas Magnum 272 Transmissions.
  • 15 Diff balls arranged in a larger diameter
  • Engineering Grade Molded Gear
  • Sealed thrust assembly for more runs between rebuilds
  • Moveable Output Shaft to enable “In-Car” Diff adjustments
  • High strength, hardened alloy steel for durability and ware resistance
  • Genuine MIP Made in USA Quality

Prices are Retail

Part #08116 MIP Ball Diff Kit Traxxas Slash/Fits all Magnum 272 $55.00
Part #08118 MIP Ball Diff Re-build Kit for Slash $16.50
Part #08119 MIP Diff Gear for Slash Diff $4.00
Part #08120 MIP Female Outdrive for Slash Diff $13.50
Part #08121 MIP Male Outdrive for Slash Diff $25.00
Part #08122 MIP Output Shaft for Slash Diff $10.00

Traxxas vehicles that come with the Magnum 272 Transmission:

MIP Ball Diff #08116 will work in all seven.

1. Slash
2. Rustler VXL
3. Rustler XL-5
4. Stampede VXL
5. Stampede XL-5
6. Bandit VXL
7. Bandit XL-5

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

NEW PRODUCT: Xray 1/10 Pan Car GT

The exciting world of 200mm 1:10 GT racing… synonymous with “speed,” “precision,” and “champions.” The ideal class for XRAY to unveil its latest engineering masterpiece: the XRAY X10 “GT version.”

Based on the all-new XRAY XII 1:12 pan-car, XRAY Project Manager Martin Hudy created the perfect platform to dominate the new World GT class of 200mm 1:10 pan cars.

Knowing that the X10 would need a versatile design — participating in classes with either open-tire rules or spec-tire rules — particular attention was paid to the rear end of the car to give it the perfect combination of rear traction, corner speed and steering under any conditions. Well-proven yet “conventional” T-bar technology again proved to make for faster and more consistent handling.

Top-quality materials such as self-developed composite mixtures, HUDY Spring Steel™, premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and highest-grade graphite are part of XRAY’s signature, and the X10 has them in abundance. Designed in virtual reality using the world’s most sophisticated CAD tools, and manufactured using the world’s best machining and molding machinery, the X10 achieves a level of premium perfection in all details that is second to none. All parts are purpose-designed and manufactured by XRAY, so all parts fit and work perfectly together, with many parts fully compatible between the X10 and XII platforms.

The XRAY pedigree is carried over into the X10, allowing for a car that is very easy to build and dial in for any level of RC racer. Setup and tuning could not be easier, and exquisite quality and customer service are our promise to you. Get the holeshot, lead the pack, take the win with the new XRAY X10.

Main features:
  • All-new XRAY 1/10 pan-car with authentic 100% self-developed XRAY parts, designed and manufactured parts by XRAY in Europe
  • Legendary XRAY premium design, workmanship & material quality and unmatched attention to the finest details
  • Based on the conventional and proven pan car platform with redesign by legendary RC designer and XRAY’s award-winning Chief Designer - Ing. Hudy Juraj
  • Simple yet effective and proven design, well thought-out details, unmatched precision of all small details
  • Specially designed and optimized for brushless and brushed motors
  • High-competition design with focus on ultra-low weight, resulting in super-lightweight construction.
  • Optimized for indoor carpet racing as well as outdoor asphalt racing
  • CNC-machined chassis from custom-manufactured 2.5mm high-grade graphite material with specially-designed compound for carpet racing and asphalt racing
  • Chassis accommodates 4-cell battery packs for GT racing
  • Chassis layout optimally designed to give sufficient stiffness for excellent handling, but flexible enough to generate sufficient grip and traction
  • Super-narrow chassis design and layout with all weight centralized along the centerline
  • Chassis and rear pod features pre-drilled centerline holes for optimum weight balance adjustment using HUDY Balancing Tool #107880
Check out more features / Discuss your thoughts on the new entry to the World GT Class.