Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Offical Meet Up a Success!!

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday!! We had a successful first run of mostly casual driving with a turn out of 8 drivers and a few significant others (oh, and 1 dog). Most of the group didn't end up leaving until 3:00, so it was obvious that we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

We learned a few lessons about how we want to tweak the track. Overall, the pvc worked pretty well. To stabilize it a bit and help keep the track in one piece, we are thinking of strategically placing some sandbags (or something similar) that will help weigh down the pipe in vulnerable areas/corners.

The parking lot surface was not bad at all, considering... Of course, there are always things we can do to help improve the conditions. RCRookie volunteered to bring a heavy duty blower that will help clear the track of dust and debris. We had a small push broom on hand, but having a larger one, or even two, might be a bit more useful.

It was obvious that some of us hadn't gotten our cars out in quite some time, thus some fine tuning was in order. The driving skills were a bit rusty, but it was a blast nonetheless!! It was pretty awesome to see both on and off road cars running together (in 1/10 and 1/18 scales, no less). It's not something you see everyday, for sure! Of course, in future meets, we can set up specific classes for people to run in depending on how many people show up and the class of vehicles they are sporting. Some of our cars took a bit of abuse...(I can count at least 2 shocks that were spewing oil and one car whose tires just didn't want to stay on). Needless to say, some of us will be working on and repairing our cars to get them ready for next time. That's all part of what makes this hobby fun, right?!

We will continue to look for ways to help accommodate our off-road cars, with more jumps and "bumps". The ramp worked surprisingly well, and hopefully we can get some more things going in that department. One of our members had a hard time keeping his powerful nitro trucks on the course, so we will also look for additional spots to set up for off-road.

Again, thanks to everyone for coming out and helping out! It was really appreciated. Please let me know if any of you have any additional comments, feedback, etc. about how it went and how we can make the experience better for everyone. I have heard a lot of positive feedback so far, and I'm ready for another round whenever everyone else is interested in doing so. To find out when our next meet will be, or to propose a particular time/day, check out this thread on the 'boards.

- B-Dog

Click here for more pictures of Saturday's run.

Here's a short video of a impromptu race that was interrupted by a certain driver who decided to trash part of the track!


michelangelo said...

awesome pics and great video! cant wait until the next run! great event guys!

B-Dog said...

I had a blast! Let me know when you all are ready for more! I'm cleaning my cars up as we speak, and can't wait for another round :)

DigitalFlyer said...

Sweeet! Great post. I had a good time.

Lets get some weighted corner markers down for next time.

Catalyst said...

Looking forward to the next one...looked like good times!