Monday, March 17, 2008

The First Attempt...........

While the location was anything but ideal, we were able to get out last Sunday and lay some pipe....pun, anyone? ;) We chose to go back to the location we ran at last week (San Mateo High) and became stuck between a rock and a hard place on where to lay the track out. Either too much grass, or too much loose dirt. Also, since we were running 1/18 scale, we made the track a bit smaller/tighter. We did have leftover pieces that could have made the track larger.

Having a track cut out of the dirt by the pipes proved to be awesome, however, the EXTREMELY loose dirt made it quite a task to complete a lap going anything more than 1/3 speed. Needless to say, the hunt for a spot continues. We may find that running "off-road" cars on an asphalt track (with all terrain/on-road tires and jumps, ramps) may prove to be a nice compromise if a suitable dirt location can not be found.

In other news, "RCRookie" (my Father) has informed the group that we can use his work's parking lot on the weekends for setting up a track. The lot is located in South San Francisco, just off 101.

For more pictures of Sunday's run, click here.

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