Monday, March 17, 2008

First Impression: Delta RC Hobbies & Race Park

I headed up to Delta RC this weekend to take my new B44 for it's maiden voyage. It's in Antioch, about an hour of driving from SF, where i live, so it's a bit far for me to do on a regular basis, but after being there i would totally do it again!

Delta RC's primary focus seems to be the 1/8 scale buggies and truggies - the store is filled with these amazing looking machines and pretty much every customer there had one or was buying parts for one. Although i felt intimidated by these gas-guzzling beasts, there were only two of them on the track, so i gave the track my best shot and tried to stay out of their way.

track pano
The track is great! I enjoyed the size of the track, but did feel like my car was a tad small on it. It's a hard clay surface that was a little dusty so they watered it down an hour after i got there. It has a lot of jumps and a nice long straight where i could really put my new brushless motor and LiPo packs to the test. The track is a fully covered outdoor horse arena with a large pit area and nice driver stand. I found out that in the winter months, they get to use the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds horse arena.

pit pano
Then in April and March, they move out of the horse arena and will have two non-covered off-road tracks: one for 1/8 scale and the other for 1/10 scale gas and electric vehicles.

They have a schedule on their web site and seem to have open race days on most Sundays. The hobby shop is well stocked with all the nitro parts. they also carry parts for the 1/10 scale off-roaders, but didnt carry much for the B44.


DigitalFlyer said...

Good trip report!
So how was the B44? Sounds like the brushless and LiPo setup would make it lightning fast.

michelangelo said...

hey there digitalflyer. yeah, the b44 was amazing. so fast. really fast! i really need to get better at driving if its going to stay in one piece ;)

i was having some issues with it nose diving and made some adjustments that seemed to work (to the suspension and my driving!). also found that the lipo pack doesn't sit as snug as i would have liked and ended up rubbing up against the center shaft and melting a nice hole in the hard shell of the lipo pack. scary! will need to find a solution for this before the next outing

DigitalFlyer said...

Sounds like you have plenty of power :) Keep those lipos safe :)