Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ideas for a Temporary Track...?

We are currently in the process of scoping out a way to put a temporary track together (perhaps from pvc pipes, old fire-hose....portable jumps...??) that we can easily move from location to location depending on where people are interested in meeting up. If you have any favorite track designs, we encourage you to share them with us! If any of you have past experience in what designs/materials work well, we would love to hear them!

We are also hoping to have the temporary track accommodate most of the popular scales (1/10, 1/18). Since it's temporary, it should be fairly easy to make it larger or smaller depending on the scales being driven.

***Update - Through various sources, I have been able to secure old 5 inch wide fire hose from a local Fire Dept. It looks like it will be about 1-2 months before we can secure it, so I will continue to investigate pvc piping (or some other alternative) in the mean time. You can track the status of this project on our boards.

What I am envisioning is something along these lines: (...but bigger)

.... we could use it for both on-road and off-road (and make it larger for 1/10 scale). One last thing....can someone PLEASE get those kids off the track!! ;)

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