Friday, February 20, 2009

MIP releases new ball diff for 272's

New from MIP:

With today’s high demand brushed and brushless power systems MIP,LLC now introduces our new MIP Ball Diff Kit for all Traxxas Magnum 272 Transmissions.
  • 15 Diff balls arranged in a larger diameter
  • Engineering Grade Molded Gear
  • Sealed thrust assembly for more runs between rebuilds
  • Moveable Output Shaft to enable “In-Car” Diff adjustments
  • High strength, hardened alloy steel for durability and ware resistance
  • Genuine MIP Made in USA Quality

Prices are Retail

Part #08116 MIP Ball Diff Kit Traxxas Slash/Fits all Magnum 272 $55.00
Part #08118 MIP Ball Diff Re-build Kit for Slash $16.50
Part #08119 MIP Diff Gear for Slash Diff $4.00
Part #08120 MIP Female Outdrive for Slash Diff $13.50
Part #08121 MIP Male Outdrive for Slash Diff $25.00
Part #08122 MIP Output Shaft for Slash Diff $10.00

Traxxas vehicles that come with the Magnum 272 Transmission:

MIP Ball Diff #08116 will work in all seven.

1. Slash
2. Rustler VXL
3. Rustler XL-5
4. Stampede VXL
5. Stampede XL-5
6. Bandit VXL
7. Bandit XL-5

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