Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Farewell Send Off for Club Member Armand Utan

Hi Everyone,

It is with much regret that I pass along news of one of our Member's leaving the country for an extended amount of time. In his short time with us, Armand has become a valued member of the local RC community, and a great guy to share this awesome hobby of our's with. He has been a stand up member of the BAPRC Club, and his presence will be missed.

But hey, it's not like he'll be that far away - with today's technology, it'll be easy to keep in contact with him and trade stories about what's going on here, as well as Indonesia (where he is headed).

With all this said, please join us at the "Toys 4 Tot's Race" at NorCal Dec. 20 as it will be his final RC event for quite awhile with the Northern California Crew. He'll even be donating a brand spankin' new RC vehicle to be raffled off to help cover the cost of a track tarp.

If you haven't had a chance to meet him in person, you'll get one more shot at it. Hope to see you all there, and let's all wish Armand the best of luck in the next chapter of his life!

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