Thursday, June 12, 2008

Track Test: DeltaRC 1/10 scale off-road track

Here are some pics from the trip Catalyst and I took to DeltaRC in Antioch. As you know from the last trip i took up there, they have a great covered 1/8 scale off-road track. During the hotter months they set up the track outdoors and this year are offering a new 1/10 scale specific off-road track. Both the 1/10 and 1/8 scale tracks are really nice. The 10th scale track is still on the slippery side, with a lot of loose, sandy dirt that's heavier in some places. after watering, its really got some great grip, but with the temperatures nearing 100 degrees, the track tended to dry out quickly and felt completely different to the wetter, grippier track.


i had the B44 and the RC18T out there and Cat had his J82. i didnt fair very well with the b44: just didnt feel i had the track figured out - i'm a slow learner and would probably do better focusing on one vehicle per practice ;) When there was traction, the B44 was really fun to drive, but running the track dry was hard - just too much power and a lot of sliding around turns. it was hard to line up for jumps and as a result, they became really hard to hit.

The RC18T was a lot of fun and really surprised me as to how well it handled. it took the jumps really well and pulled through the turns. the loose nature of the track made the long rear straight difficult to manage however, so hitting a larger rock could spin the truck around completely! i'll post my setup in the RC18T thread.



There were a lot of 1/8 scale buggies and truggies and it was loud! they are amazing to watch flying over the jumps - way high over the jumps! The 8th scale track is really big - it makes the 1/8 scale truggies look like 1/10 scale ones (see above) ;) The people are really friendly and talkative and Chris, the Delta RC employee on staff that day, was really helpful with how to handle the track.


The pit area offered AC outlets and some shade under a tree if you were not lucky enough to bring your own canopy ;) The pit tables are big so Cat and i could pit at the same spot.

The drivers stands are covered, which was nice considering the heat, and the shop offers beverages. Overall, a nice day of practice! i think as the track gets more refined - they mentioned it would be pounded again - and it gets worn in and traction becomes more consistent, it will be a nice addition to NorCal.


B-Dog said...

Sounds awesome, guys! I'm looking forward to finally getting out there. It looks like having some sort of portable shade would come in quite handy, though. I bet it gets HOTTTT out there!

We should try and schedule a trip together soon.

michelangelo said...

yeah, totally b-dog! as soon as they get the friday (or saturday) night races started, and norcal get's their friday night races going, we will have a lot of options for off-road racing. cant wait for more time in the dirt!