Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hey there,

This blog is intended for casual RC enthusiasts the world over - and more specifically, for those of us that reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am what many would consider a "Weekend Warrior RC'er" = In other words, I love RC cars and try to get out and drive as often as possible, yet hardly ever participate in "actual" races at tracks. The main reason I don't often get to a track is one I'm sure many RC drivers can relate to: There simply aren't very many tracks located in a short distance from where I live, and the ones that are do not have the track open for general purpose/practice very often or at convenient times.

Thus, this blog's main goal is to document my passion for RC cars, as well as gather up as many RC enthusiasts as possible for a chance to share knowledge, stories, tips, and most importantly, opportunities to meet up and drive together.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope to hear/see many of you soon!

Happy RC'ing!


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