Monday, January 5, 2009

Kyosho 1/10 RTR Nitro Desert Race Truck

Kyosho has entered the 1/10 Scale CORR Truck arena with their newest vehicle, the DRT.

According to Kyosho's site:

"The New DRT (Desert Race Truck) stands alone when it comes to power, handling and overall performance. The latest spec. .18 powered race truck brings home the goods in this new era of off-road action. The advanced chassis design promises real racing performance while superior handling allows it to be easy to drive. The stable stance lets you power through the dirt even on blown out 1:8th buggy tracks and takes on big jumps without missing a beat. With power that pushes the boundaries of common sense for a 1:10 class machine, you can turn local open space into your own private desert, short course, or road race circuit. Under the advanced engineered body is the perfect chassis layout. The DRT shares many of its parts, option parts and performance with the DBX and DST. Kyosho knows what you want and the DRT is no exception, the DRT comes fully assembled and ready to hit the dirt. This will cut down on the prep time, while the other guys make you wait to have fun Kyosho brings you Nitro experience to your finger tips.

* GXR .18 - New GXR .18 now delivers monster torque and power with Kyosho?s proven reliability.
* Massive 105cc Fuel Tank - Includes newly designed 105cc fuel tank to supply the large 18-size engine. Delivers stable fuel supply even under severe driving conditions. Can deliver run times of more than 10 minutes.
* Compatibility - 80% of DST/DBX parts and option parts are compatible with the DRT.
* No Guess Work - Lower suspension arms are both the same front and rear, this takes out all the guess work with part numbers.
* Fully Interchangeable - Front / rear and left / right suspension arms, front / rear knuckles and front / rear shock stays are all interchangeable. Newly designed suspension with maintenance-friendly ball connect system.
* Dirt Proof Radio Box - Dirt-proof radio box protects the receiver and battery box from the outside elements. It can be attached or removed from the chassis with just four screws for easy maintenance.
* Fully Digital Servos - A new two-channel radio is included with the GT2. The radio features throttle and steering trim adjustments, dual-rate to simultaneously increase or reduce left and right steering travel, and servo reversing switches for both channels. The servos are the digital variety for superior response.
* Shaft Drive - The drive shafts run through the center for chassis to give you better lower CG and optimum weight balance."

Click here for more information about the DRT.