Saturday, May 3, 2008

Spec Racing Class Practice: A Blast!!!

Mother's Raceway --South SF. While a few guys had to cancel last minute, those of us who braved the extreme wind and cold had a total blast! We all set up in about 15-20 min, and then began last minute preparations on our cars. We tweaked the layout of the track a bit, including some of the obstacles. One section we were going to use for a "bumpy" area (by laying down flat top cones and covering with a heavy rubber backed floormat) proved to be way to unpredictable (the trucks were flyin' all over), so we turned that section into a set of "doubles" jumps that worked out fantastic! We also used some pieces of carpet to hold down corners, which turned out much better than expected. They not only held down the corners, but provided a nice surface to cut across for those who wanted to take the turns sharply.
We attempted a few rounds of mini races, but with no turn marshals, it was a little tough (We need YOU at the next practice!). In the end, we had a great night out and learned a lot about how we want to layout the track. We all got a lot of good practice in, and it was obvious that we all could not wait to do it again. This class is proving to be super fun, and will provide everyone with a really great, low pressure, yet competitive place to drive - with plenty of laughs to go around.To keep track of the latest information regarding the Spec Class, click here. If you would like to know when we will be meeting next, check out the Club Meets section of the message boards.

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Looking forward to the next one!